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Director of Worship and Arts


Walnut Creek, CA


Full Time

Director of Worship Arts

Job Description, 2020. Full Time; Salary + Benefits.




“In order to be relevant, say things that are eternal.”

-Simone Weil.


The Worship Arts Director develops the ministries of music and the visual arts in the worship of the church so that God is exalted, Christians are equipped, and the curious/unconvinced are engaged. Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church sees itself as catholic, reformed, and missional in her worship, thus embracing an ancient-future theology around worship on Sundays. WCPC is a member of ECO.


What is an Ancient-Future Theology of Worship?

Firstly, Christian worship is deeply Trinitarian, reverently giving space and voice to worshipping God as Father, Son, and Spirit. Secondly, the late Bob Webber said that “the road to the future runs through the past.” Living out the Christian faith in the here and now involves engaging with the rhythms and practices forming the worship of the early church and of classic Christianity. Dr. Webber once wrote: “If you want a definition of ancient-future worship it is this: The common tradition of the church’s worship in Word, Table, and song, practiced faithfully and communicated clearly in every context of the world.” At Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church we connect to both the historic and global church through a four-fold liturgy as we gather in the Lord’s Name, hear from the Lord’s Word, commune together at the Lord’s Table, and receive the Lord’s Blessing, sending us out in mission.


Education: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience; Masters degree in Seminary, Worship and Arts Music, Theology is desirable.

Lifeshape: The Worship Arts Director should demonstrate a strong relationship with God as evidenced by a healthy devotional life and ethical integrity. The Worship Arts Director should be an example of the type of Christ-follower that we want our people to become.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Works with the Senior Pastor to ensure that every Sunday our worship exalts God, equips believers, and engages the curious/unconvinced.
  • Plans, prepares, and executes worship services with organizational excellence.
  • Provides leadership for the Worship Teams- rehearsing, encouraging, shepherding, and leading by example.
  • Manages equipment, instruments and music including copyrights and library.
  • Assists in planning special and seasonal programs.
  • Interpersonal communications should be warm and engaging.
  • Upfront communications should be both relational and inspiring.
  • Participates/oversees weekly Worship Arts Meetings.
  • Other responsibilities as agreed upon under the direction of the Senior Pastor.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Shares the Gospel through music, art, and other creative outlets
  • Leads/oversees worship for special events (i.e. conferences, VBS, etc.)
  • Partners with Facilities Manager for outside events and provides sound and video engineers for the events.

Particular Skills and Talents

  • Ability to lead worship with a strong voice
  • Experienced in playing a main instrument (such as piano or guitar)
  • Able to reflect prayerfully on the history of Christian worship, including the liturgical calendar and a classic order of worship
  • Well versed in modern and traditional music
  • Creative and visionary with technology -- video, lighting, staging, audio, etc.
  • Proven ability to recruit/identify, train, empower, evaluate, and celebrate worship leaders and worship teams, while aligning those leaders/teams toward the Church’s vision.
  • Effectively develops personal relationships.
  • A life-long learner with a teachable spirit
  • A student of culture with a passion for sharing the Gospel through music
  • Able to create and revise music charts in support of church initiatives: Multi-Track software desirable.
  • Skilled at arranging vocal parts and working with trained vocalists
  • Run effective rehearsals
    • ○ Work with administrative support to print/copy needed material
    • ○ Provide strong spiritual and musical direction/leadership of the band and vocal volunteers during rehearsals.
    • ○ Oversee the audition process
  • Proven experience working with both volunteer and professional musicians
  • Experience with Planning Center Online Services preferred.

 Adherence to Our Church Staff Values:

  • Character- Exercises the Fruit of the Spirit
  • Competency- Possesses Skill and Passion for the work
  • Capacity- Has the Integrity to work hard without under- or overworking
  • Chemistry- Gets along with and genuinely loves being around the Staff Team
  • Culture- Recognizes that creating and cultivating healthy staff culture is crucial


The Worship Arts Director is directly accountable to the Senior Pastor, with further accountability to the Session and mutual accountability to the Staff.


A full-time position with salary + benefits commensurate with experience and competitive in the Bay Area.


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